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Learn to live in alignment by awakening all of your inner resources for sustainable transformation.


1:1 Somatic Coaching -- Let's work together.

Let's drop into the body & feel into your authentic power.

Sara works with young people who struggle with feeling detached. She helps you get connected with your truest self, to live your life with integrity and authenticity. 

Majority of coaches on the current market use a top down approach to their practice. They use mindset work, to help you re-wire your thought patterns. This method works, but usually during the duration of your time with that coach.


Sara use a bottom up approach to her practice, with a focus on somatic embodiment practices and energetic mastery. She will help you learn to master your energy, independently for sustainable transformation. Each session is individually tailored to what you are needing, where you are right now, and where you want to go. She uses the latest somatic practices and energy modalities in every session to release outdated thoughts, patterns, and programming. 

Follow the discover button below, or send an email to to schedule your FREE video discovery call to chat more details about one on one coaching. 


Navigate your Nervous System

Learn how your nervous system responds to each unique stressor, and deconstruct your deep-rooted patterns and stories


Sara uses meditation, breath work, movement, and other somatic practices to help guide you into your body, your healing, and your freedom. She uses these modalities to go deep, to get to the root of your inner turmoil, to allow you a space to heal your own core wounds. 

A love note from Sara: 

Hey friend,

I am so grateful you have found yourself here. 


I believe that transformation comes from an unwavering connection to self. So much suffering can be created from a place of disconnection from self, your community, the earth, and the human collective as a whole. My desire is to guide you to connect to your inner wisdom, learn to listen to the body, and reconnect with your life's truest intentions. I want to help you step into your authentic self, and navigate your life with integrity, in a state of deep conviction of yourself.


I have been trained in a 400 hour certification to incorporate many modalities into my sessions, including meditation, breath work, somatic, and trauma-informed approaches. I  have been guided by mentors on how to navigate my practice from a space of alignment, through a trauma-informed lens. Additionally, I like to bring a holistic approach to my containers, with a focus on connection to nature, intuition, and energetic healing. 


With so much love for you & your desire for growth,



Think we're a good match? 
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Client Love Notes 

"Every week when we met, she brought such a loving, non-judgement energy to our session. She always met me where I was and taught me practical tools to support me in my healing journey."

"I found such a deep connection with Sara. She beautifully held space, making me feel heard and held. She also was able to bring awareness to things I knew I needed to acknowledge but wouldn’t allow myself to do without feelings of guilt."

"I felt safe, held, seen for who I truly am and the person I want to be. I never felt judged when I had strong emotional reactions during our time together. Sara created a space that helped me quiet the noise of personal guilt and helped me to take back time for myself."

"There were many realizations I had working with Sara. A big theme that ran through our sessions is trust and feeling safe in my body. Sara helped me to recognize that it safe to step into my own power and that I should practice doing so more often."

"Being one of Sara's clients is such a unique experience. Not only does she genuinely listen and care - she always gives me new tools and ways of looking at situations." 

"Sara is skilled at creating a container that feels safe, allowing me permission to feel whatever energy was ready to come up & move through. Powerful healing is possible as she holds space and guides the session with her own well regulated nervous system. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to have Sara’s support as I navigate my way on my healing journey."

"I'm so profoundly grateful to have been guided by Sara, she witnessed me in such a safe and loving container." 

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