Letting Go

Fort Getty, Jamestown

“Will you savor this in your mind? This old feeling, when you’re left behind? Will you hold to this as true, or will you dance to another tune?” –First Aid Kit

I have a few people in my life who I know to hold onto negative emotions. They harbor feelings of anger, sadness, and resentment. I, too, find myself carrying these emotions at times. I have these emotions when I feel as though I’m not treated well. I acknowledge that I am more sensitive than most, but it can be increasingly difficult for me to not remain angry when I know someone has not done right by me.

It is easier to pin the blame on those around you, when you know you have been mistreated. When those feelings first arise, I think it is important to voice those emotions, and let someone close to you know if they have hurt your feelings. If that person truly does care for you, they will listen, and acknowledge those emotions, and try to act differently in the future. A problem arises when you allow those emotions to fester, anger boiling hot in your chest. Holding onto negativity is extremely taxing, and just continues the cyclical effect of negative emotions.

I realize that the best way to move forward to leave those feelings behind, and not from pushing them away or numbing. Sitting in your emotion, and processing it is truly the only way to move on from hurt or pain. It can be so hard to remove yourself from feelings of true hurt or heart break, but I’ve begun to realize that often times a person’s harsh words or actions are a result of something they are coping with, or something going on in their lives. Often times, your perception of their actions may be skewed by your own skeletons.

When things get messy, as life does, this mentality has helped to ground me again. I have been able to learn how to appropriately communicate my emotions as they come, and for that I am extremely grateful. I recognize that often times a person is not intentionally, saying or doing something hurtful, but I try to manage the way I process it. I know that I cannot penalize others who may not express themselves, simply for they have not learned, or want to share their emotions.

It’s pivotal to let emotions come, and also to let them go. Happiness will come, and so will sadness. Let it all come, baby. That's what makes life juicy.