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How Embodiment can Deepen Your Personal Growth

Embodiment (n.): The process of acknowledging, and expressing the physical elements of one’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Our emotions live within our bodies. A common issue for humans is to disconnect from our emotions because they are not deemed as “safe”. So many of us were told to control our emotions because it wasn’t what was polite, appropriate, or what our caregivers wanted to deal with.

And I have learned that the more we disengage from our emotions, or sensations that arise in the body, the more we get trapped in our thoughts. Getting stuck in our thoughts leads to a negative feedback loop of analysis, anxiety, and what we could have done differently or better.

Prolonging our pain is also associated with avoiding feeling these emotions. Sometimes it can be easier to just think or try to make sense of our pain than it is to to lean into the emotion, and allow for the sensation in the body to be.

By leaning into sensation of emotion in the body, we can begin to process our pain. Strengthening our connection with our body can allow for us to deepen our sense of self, our intuition, and trust ourselves.

Embodiment cultivates a consistent state of wellbeing that is not dictated by thoughts, circumstances, or outside chatter.

When I began to embody who I really was, my life began to transform for the better. By making choices every day that align with who I want to be, I am able to understand my desires and goals as who I am, and I am deserving of all of them. Embodying gratitude, abundance, freedom, playfulness, groundedness, leadership, and peace is simply inviting more of those things into my space.

Embodying these gifts allows me to be unthreatened when the wind begins to blow, and the seas get rough. I get to navigate my reality with grace because I am deeply embodied.

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