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The One Tool that Started My Personal Healing.

When I first started recovering from anorexia, I struggled so much to connect with something that helped me sustain recovery. I tried a few different methods, but I always ended up right back where I started, living in the anxious space above my neck, and between my ears.

Until one day in a yin yoga class, we were deep in pigeon pose. I kept feeling these sensations bubbling up from deep within my belly, rising to the surface when I fought so hard to push them down.

Somatic connection was my door in to deep healing. The word soma means body, so somatic connection means a mind body connection. Mind, body, spirit, and emotions are all interrelated. By connecting with our body, we can find stability in the balance of both the mind, and the body.

From that day more than eight years ago, I have continued in the practice of dropping in to my body. Some days that is yoga, meditation, or breathwork. Other days, it might be jumping on a spin bike at the gym, or picking up some battle ropes to throw around. The one thing that I have come to learn, is that the more present and connected I am to my body, the less I get caught up in the nonsense my mind can create,, ,

My extensive training has allowed me to guide others in somatic experiencing. The thing I desire to help you uncover and strengthen, is your ability to tune into your body, to help release patterns that are no longer serving you.

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